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We have a specialism in the creation of, deployment, and on-going running of technology in market research.

We understand technology in market research extremely well; from 3 year’s innovating, launching and operating our own market research platform. We’re now sharing our knowledge and expertise with players in the market research sector, who either want to develop their own bespoke software solutions, or develop their client proposition to deliver greater value from technology; but don’t know the various options well enough, or don’t know where to start.

Our experience in market research technology includes user-experience, customer journey, and business case modelling, through to translating business needs in to technical briefs, supplier tendering, project management of technical development, deployment cycles, and ongoing operations.

Are you struggling to adapt & innovate in line with today’s business requirements?

Whether it’s speedier research techniques, in-the-moment ethnography, or analysis of consumer’s digital lives; research is becoming more and more reliant on technology, and it’s a global business. Go To Guy remains strong in this sector following on from the original Sumo Insight mobile market research platform. We keep a sharp eye on the marketplace and technical developments.  For agencies and clients who don’t have the resource to adopt their own full-time innovation director, we offer a range of consulting and implementation services, enabling you to act big, think smart, and move with the times as your client demands it.

Design & Build

“We need an app”, is a quote we’ve heard more that once!

If only it was that simple! Unfortunately, app’s are only the tip of the iceberg. The output of a much larger operation. Of course, the good apps are so easy to use and deliver such valuable benefits, that it’s easy to forget what goes on in the background and how the app developer got to that point.

Without blowing our own trumpet, we’ve done this before and we’ve done it, specifically in your sector. Technology is part of market research today, and your methodology can define you as a purveyor of your trade. Go To Guy are your third leg when it comes to taking the plunge and creating your own research software, or adopting existing platforms.

Our approach is to listen, share experience, create consensus, agree commercial objectives, and then turn this in to a software solution that works for you. It’s a full circle of understanding, creating and delivering on that understanding. Contact us today to know more about our full-service Design & Build solution.

Develop & Operate

Back-ends, front-ends and up-time. Know anything about it?

Luckily, we do. And we have some great experts who can plough through the nitty gritty and deliver against your commercial needs. That’s all you have to worry about! We’ll turn commercial needs in to bullet-proof technology using our trusted experts, which means you focus on your statistical-significance and we’ll focus on your back-end (pardon the pun!).

We have strong project management skills, and good partnerships with developers and op teams, which means you can take a trusted route to rolling out and running software. It’s an ideal follow-on to our Design & Build solution.

Our consultancy & services cover:

Innovation application
Best-fit technology solution advice
SaaS platform adoption
Business requirement workshops
Business requirement development briefs
Supplier engagement
Project management
Operational implementation/ongoing management
Customer journey
On-boarding experience

Contact us today as your go to guy to discuss what keeps you awake at night, and we’ll recommend some innovative approaches that will ensure you a good night sleep!