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Go To Guy gives you the skills and knowledge of experts in their field without the fixed cost of permanent employees.

Passionate about giving you the service you expect, we are a new company, set up in the heart of London and established to help small & growing businesses resource like big businesses, whilst helping more established businesses inject their performance with the amazing and fast-moving development of products and services coming out of today’s vibrant, global startup scene.

Established by two people with over 40 years of commercial experience between them, this doesn’t make us old, it makes us savvy! Our backgrounds are firmly planted in technology innovation. Between us, we’ve launched some of the UK’s biggest technical advances of the last 20 years such as Bluetooth, the first camera phone & 4G, for some of the most dynamic companies such as Nokia, Orange, Toshiba & EE. We’ve developed services for small business, big businesses and cemented many a success partnership between brands big & small.

We’re also experienced in running our own tech start-up in today’s rapidly growing global MAdtech (Marketing & Advertising Technology) scene.  The tech startup scene is a revolution which is enabling established businesses to be nimbler, more cost effective, more revenue-generating efficient and competitive. And we’ve been through the operational aspects of raising investment, running a budget and managing technology deployment in global markets. Today, together with a collective of trusted experts, the people who have made the difference and proved themselves as experts to us over many years, we’re dedicating ourselves to using our skills, experience and network of contacts to push your business forward.

Who we are

We’re not a jack of all trades! But as your trusted partner, we have access to a host of additional complimentary skills and experience through our collective network. We only work with people we know well and trust, giving you the confidence that no matter how big or small your needs, you’ll get a co-ordinated and consistent experience from all the team without having to hold multiple supplier relationships.

I’m passionate about the difference startups can make in the world of established business. Having worked across marketing roles in technology & telecom businesses for over 20 years and most recently designed, managed the development of, and launched an award-nominated SaaS platform for market research, I’m now applying my skills, experience and network through Go To Guy allowing me to help people surpass their potential through hands on engagement as and when their business needs it.

I’m a strong believer in people, and making technology work for them. I’ve worked globally for market research agencies and clients for over 20 years including 13 years at Nokia, in both global research and strategic marketing roles. It’s my expertise in market research that has always powered my quest to understand people’s fundamental needs. In 2012, this knowledge of research, and passion for driving solutions around people, drove me to create a tech startup, that delivered one for the first truly mobile focused SaaS platforms for the market research industry; and got closer to experiencing consumer’s lives than any research practice had done previously. For me, Go To Guy is all about applying my skills and experience to the benefit of as many businesses as possible. I’m very much a people-person and the strength of my network reflects this.

We’re your go to guy for speedy, trusted and scalable commercial skills & expertise, without the fixed costs!