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“Success has a nasty habit of creeping up on you, but who’s complaining!”

You’ve done everything right up until now, & learnt wisely from your mistakes. The one thing you’ve definitely done to get this far is controlled your costs and managed your cash flow. But success puts great pressures on both of these measures, and not being able to react in a timely manner can make or break a company’s business growth.

At Go To Guy, our understanding comes from experience. Our directors have years of knowledge; developed working for multi-national companies such as Nokia, EE, Orange & Toshiba; combined with years of experience operating startups in the London tech-sector. Our collective of experts expand that knowledge and experience even further.

This gives you access to on-demand commercial expertise, from a partner who you can trust! We’ll work with you on your business growth at a strategic level, or working with your teams at an operational level, we hit the ground running. We’ll ask the important questions upfront; to ensure we start having an immediate impact on your business. The speed of implementation; combined with our knowledge, network, and resources; delivers the perfect partner for project, temporary, or part-time resource. This allows your existing resource to maintain focus on the activities that are already rewarding you with success! Bring us in as your ‘go to guy’ for the following services:

Account Management

A growing client base can put a strain on existing business. Bring us in for quick, quality client account management.  We will provide a professional face for your business and manage your clients expectations, at day-rates that work for the project.

Market Research

Researching customer segments, brand strategy, or customer feedback are just some of the ways research can add-value to your business, and give you confidence or direction in your business strategy. We’re experts in research and research technology.

Business Development

Business growth is all about penetration or diversification. Whether it is strategic direction, channel development, or sales growth; we can add value in decision-making & quantifiable results, with our knowledge and strong business network.

UK Office/Commercial representation

Based in the heart of London and with a stellar network of clients, movers and shakers, we can help you create your sales and marketing presence in the UK, often a gateway to European-wide sales. If you already have clients outside this region but are now looking to take your product or service global, we offer a range of services bespoked to your needs & designed to start seeing results in the shortest possible time. With strengths in B2B, FMCG, technology and telecom sectors, we can represent your business and start opening doors today!

Ideal for US-based startup’s now looking to expand and export your B2B tech startup to UK-based clients.

Proposition Development

Product/market fit is one of the most important aspects in achieving business growth. As you target new segments/markets, you need to ensure that your products and services remain fine-tuned. As seasoned strategic marketeers for both blue-chip and startup businesses, we can bring in a level of experience to assist in researching, planning & executing new propositions and launching them to market.


Segmenting your target market or existing customers successfully, is one of the most valuable tools a business can provide to sales & marketing strategies. We provide & facilitate proven workshop approaches; which can really accelerate your understanding of segments. We can follow these up with customer journey, user-experience, & channel to market workshops; all resulting in tangible action-plans for implementation.

Half-day workshop with action plan – £950 ex VAT

Full-day workshop with action plan – £1250 ex VAT

Commercial Services

We work with our own collective of trusted experts in different fields. People who we’ve known and worked with over the years; who complement our skills, or bolster our existing skills further. From SEO & PR, to technology deployment, software development and IP law; you can trust us to project manage your deliverables with experts in their field.

Investment Strategy

Finding the correct funding for your business can be overwhelming. It’s a full-time job in itself, and it really pays dividends to have focused, consistent activity in pursuit of investment. From public sector funds, grants, loans and regional funds, to angel investment, accelerators, crowd-funding & global VC’s; we can give you the advice of our experience make all important introductions, & help refine your pitch.

Business growth is all about momentum!
We hit the ground running due to our experiences in competitive growth markets.