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Go To Guy creates relationships between established businesses & tech startups.
We do this in two ways.

We make it simple for established businesses to find and develop relationships with relevant innovative start-ups, which enable them to drive their business forward faster.

And we cost effectively help startups to focus on their core objectives and build strategies around these objectives to refine their commercial plans, target their market segmentation, & assist in planning and executing strong go to market plans.

With a specialism in market research technology, our understanding of the market dynamics, client needs, and technology available can help research agencies and teams drive benefits from technology adoption today.

 Our sector strengths are:

  • Business to Business
  • Start-ups
  • Market Research
  • Technology Innovation
  • Mobile/Telecom
  • Marketing

We’ve grouped our business services with you in mind, to make it clearer how we believe we can add-value to your business.
See how our services and sector experience are best-matched to your business:




Cost-effective commercial expertise to help perfect your go to market strategies.



Gain competitive advantage from working with tech startups


Market Research Tech


Future-proof your research methodology.